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Whether delivering goods or driving passengers; Triangle Van tyres are designed to provide long lasting usage with the comfort and road handling you expect.
  • TR652

    Economy | High Mileage
  • feature:

    Rib Type Pattern: Good handling and low noise; Close shoulder pattern: Low noise and frequent cornering requirements; Deep Tread Groove: Long mileage
  • TR646

    Economy | High Mileage
  • feature:

    Low sea-land ratio (Non-saturated) tread design, improved crown rigidness and loading capacity; Multi-sipe design, good handling and braking performance; Tread block design, high cross density, improved grip performance; Zigzag main groove design, increased tread rigidness, good prevention of irregular wear under high-load operation; 3D shoulder design, good traction and braking performance in tough road conditions
  • TR645

    Economy | High Mileage
  • feature:

    Deep Tread Groove: Long mileage; Zigzag Circumferential Groove & High Blade density: Maximum Traction; Rib Type Pattern: Good handling and low noise

Pick-up & 4X4

Make the most of your heavy duty 4x4 / pick-up truck; Triangle LT4x4 tyres provide the toughness to carry your loads and the all-terrain traction to meet your usage
  • TR246

    High Strength | Off-Road
  • feature:

    Block Type Pattern: Good traction on all surfaces; Solid Center Rib: Stability under heavy loading; Robust Carcass: High durability for heavy loading and all surface usage

Light Truck

Whatever the application of your business or the payload you carry: Triangle LT tyres will endure the toughness of the duty, providing a resistant carcass and a long lasting tread life
  • TR609

    Economy | High Mileage | High Strength
  • feature:

    4 Rib Pattern & Stiff Shoulder: Heavy load capability and excellent cornering performance; Rigid Rib Type Pattern: Stability under heavy loading; High Rubber Density: Long service mileage
  • TR643

    Economy | High Mileage | High Strength
  • feature:

    5 Rib Pattern: High speed stability under heavy loading; Staggered Radial Notches: Grip and traction; High Rubber Density: Long service mileage
  • TR602

    Economy | High Mileage | High Strength
  • feature:

    High loading capability and good high-speed performance; Excellent lateral wet traction; With superior traction and braking performance; Good wear rate

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