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Matching the requirements of frequent starts and stops, constant low speed corning and pavement side impacts, Triangle city bus tyres offer robust shoulder design and tough sidewall guards.
  • TR615

    Safety | Economy | High Strength
  • feature:

    Deeper pattern design provides high service mileage, and tire can be regrooved and retreaded; Deeper longitudinal and lateral groove design provides better driving and braking performance; Cooler running tread compound, high wear rate, low fuel consumption Thicker sidewall and puncture resistance design provides high puncture and cut resistance; Designed for city bus on city roads.


Providing long distances, high speed travels in a perfectly controlled environment, Triangle highway bus tyres are design for high speed stability and low heat generation to provide safe and long lasting performances.
  • TR685

    Comfort | Safety | Economy | High Mileage
  • feature:

    Cooler running compound, lower heat build-up, excellent wear resistance; Straight groove design, good water drainage, uniformed wear, comfortable ride; Low rolling resistance, comfortable ride, lower fuel consumption; Designed for buses on highway and other good roads
  • TR665

    Comfort | Safety | Economy | High Mileage
  • feature:

    Four main groove pattern design, excellent lateral traction, and irregular wear resistance; Special tread compound guarantees good wear performance; Designed for all positions of buses on highway, inter-city roads
  • TR666

    Comfort | Safety | Economy | High Mileage
  • feature:

    Saturated shoulder design, good wear performance, improved service mileage; N-shape sipe design, providing excellent grip and driving safety; New tread compound, low rolling resistance, with N-shape sipe design, improved heat elimination and reduced fuel consumption; Suitable for all wheel positions of buses on highway and city roads

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